Smash Ultimate Leak (+ Image for proof!)

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Hi, /v/, I've been preparing for this post for the last week trying to gather as much info as I can to give to all you, so without further ado, here's the scoop.

I work in the NoA division for localizing Ultimate and have access to the game's "melee.msbt" file which contains most of the games text for things like character names, stage names, menu UI, instructions, etc. and I have a good idea on who is being added in.

Looking through the "MmelChara_01" files, (in-game character names under their battle portrait), I've discovered these filenames:

These names are still vague on whether Shadow and Ken are Echos or not, but they most likely are. We could possibly see an Isabelle situation for Shadow's case bit for Ken, I'm not too sure.

For stages, here's what I found
stagen_01_hanachanmori (Forest Maze)
stagen_01_tuinkurupaku (Twinkle Park)

This was all the info I could find at the moment but I'm working to get more soon. I'm not quite sure when this info will all be shown off, but I personally believe there will be something akin to Smash 4's 50 Fact Extravaganza prior to Ultimate's launch.

To finish off, here's an image sent to me by one of my coworkers from a development build of the game with Shadow and Isabelle on the Twinkle Park stage. I'll be sure to report back with more info and screenshots. Until then, ciao.